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Norwood Park Historical Society Museum Exhibits

The Museum includes static, growing and changing exhibits. It may also include short-term or traveling exhibits. Current exhibits include:

Exhibit Room One: Margaret’s Room
Margaret Crippen was married in a ceremony and reception held on the front lawn of the Noble-Seymour-Crippen House in 1927. This exhibit, housed in a period-decorated bedroom, includes photographs of Margaret’s wedding to Harvey Howard, excerpts from her journal while a student at Northwestern University and other personal and period items.

Exhibit Room Two: Norwood Park History
This room contains photographs, maps and objects that tell the story of Norwood Park’s growth from a pioneer farming settlement to an independent 19th Century railroad suburb to a city neighborhood. While many items contained in this exhibit remain on permanent display, changing stories are told through the addition of new or infrequently seen items from the NPHS archives.

Exhibit Room Three: Norwood Park: The Battlefront and the Homefront
The Norwood Park Historical Society's 2018 examines the experience of local residents in uniform and in civilian life. It marks the 100th, 75th, and 50th anniversaries of America’s participation in World Wars I and II and in Vietnam. Materials from the museum’s archives will be used; donations or loans of relevant materials are appreciated. Contact us at if you’d like to add your uniform, letters, photographs, stories, or other items from any period of conflict, including the Korean conflict and service in Iraq and Afghanistan. All items will be carefully cataloged, displayed, and returned at the end of the year (if requested).

Exhibit Room Four: Can You Dig It? and New Items
Can You Dig It? is an exhibit that is very popular with children. It is an extensive collection of artifacts dug up from beneath the lawns of the Noble-Seymour-Crippen House. These include coins, toys, animal bones and other treasures. In addition, this room contains recent additions to the NPHS archives.

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